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Is there a Las Vegas Bed Bug Problem? • This Week in Gambling

Is there a Las Vegas Bed Bug Problem? • This Week in Gambling

Is it true? Is there really a Las bed infestation? Well, yes and no. Yes, seven well-known resorts on The have been found with bed bugs in just the past year! But no, the city has not been overrun… and bed bugs are actually not that uncommon. Especially in a town with over 150,000 hotel rooms! So how can you tell if your Las Vegas hotel room gas bed bugs?

Also, we discuss some changes at the Cosmopolitan, which you mat recall was sold to MGM Resorts last year. Now, their much beloved Cosmo Identity rewards program is being migrated to the MGM Rewards program.

Hello my friends! And thank you for taking time out of your to join us here on This Week in ! We've got some awesome news to talk about, especially if you like comps and The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas! But first… but first… this week's story finds there may be a Las Vegas bed bug issue. Seven resorts all up and down the Strip have been found to have bed bug infestations just within the past year… and the names of some of the resorts on that list might surprise you.

Health Inspectors found bed bugs at these seven Las Vegas hotels: Caesars Palace, Circus Circus, MGM , the Palazzo, Planet Hollywood, Sahara, and Tropicana! And while seeing Tropicana and Circus Circus on this list might not raise any eyebrows, the inclusion of Caesar's Palace and the Palazzo just might. To be completely fair, however, bed bugs are not an uncommon occurrence. They happen at all hotels, and having them doesn't necessarily  mean that a place is unsanitary… no matter how disgusting they look. Usually, bed bugs make it to a hotel room when they ride in on a guest's clothing or in their luggage… which just goes to show you it's not necessarily the hotel that's disgusting, it's the guest.

So how can you tell if you have Las Vegas bed bug issue in your room? Simple, my friends! Take a moment to look! Pull down the sheets before you get into bed that night and look! You can see the little bastards moving around! And the eggs they leave behind! Plus, they have this musty smell to them… sort of reminds me of my grandfather. Additionally, bed bugs will leave blood and fecal marks on your sheets… So, if seeing blood stains and shit streaks in your bed doesn't tip you off I'm afraid I can't help you!

One Las Vegas Resort that was not on our bed bugs list is the Cosmopolitan. They were purchased by MGM Resorts just last year, and now their rewards program is set to follow. Beginning in February of 2024, all members of Cosmo's Identity Rewards will by default become members of the MGM Rewards program. All Points earned at Cosmo will be tracked and transferred, with the added benefit of being able to redeem those membership points at any of MGM's 20 premier destinations in America!

My friends, if you can put the Las Vegas bed bug talk out of your mind for a moment, have I got the place for you to visit on The Strip! Nestled in the middle of the Grand Bazaar shops you'll find one of the three Las Vegas locations for It'Sugar! Not just a shop, It'Sugar is an experience specializing in innovative sweets and specialty candies, as well as novelties from clothing to coffee mugs! Founded in 2006, It'Sugar now has over 100 locations all across the United and Canada… including the stores in Las Vegas located at the Venetian, the Fashion Mall, and here at the Grand Bazaar shops! Check them out in person on your next trip to Las Vegas, or you can visit them today at ItSugar.com!

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