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Mirage Change to Hard Rock Delayed to 2027 • This Week in Gambling

Mirage Change to Hard Rock Delayed to 2027 • This Week in Gambling

Most people were a bit upset when they announced that the to Rock would mean an end to the popular volcano attraction. The tension only grew when they learned that the iconic volcano would make way for the guitar shaped that Hard Rock is famous for. Now things have gotten a bit sticky.

It seems that this transition… this Mirage change to Hard Rock … will once again be . Back in December, we reported that the transformation of the property had been pushed back to 2025. And now, just over six months later, that transition has been delayed once again.

Now, the rebranding of the property as the Hard Rock is not expected to happen until late 2027 at the soonest. It could even extend to 2028. The overhaul of the Mirage is an ambitious and significant project, involving the construction of that new guitar-shaped hotel tower which will stand about 700 feet tall.

So now, that 2025 timeline for the Mirage change to Hard Rock is pure optimism and not actually feasible. The construction of the guitar tower alone will take between two years or more. So there is still time to see the volcano in action… even if you have been ignoring it for the past several years.


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