• Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

More Las Vegas Resorts End Free Parking • This Week in Gambling

Wynn Las Vegas Memilih Resor Terbaik, Sekali Lagi • Minggu Ini dalam Permainan

The price of having a car is up in Sin City. Additional resorts have decided to follow the lead of others and bring back paid parking… and more will surely follow. Is this pure greed? Is this a cash grab? Well, yes and no.

First of all, the latest Las Vegas resorts to put this plan into action are the Wynn and Encore. Their decision to charge folks for the privileged of parking in their garages follows the announcement of the Venetian and just a few days ago. And that decision was attributed to The Sphere lighting up.

Why would The Sphere cause a rise in parking prices? Well, it is “technically” located at the Venetian, even though it's clearly a separate building. So it makes sense that they would charge people for parking there to see a … much like any other venue in any other town. And by extension, we understand why the Palazzo would follow.

However, it doesn't fully explain why Wynn and Encore decided to follow. Has their really been so much additional traffic into their garages from The Sphere lighting up? Yes… and no. As soon as Venetian and Palazzo started charging, where do you think people started heading for free parking? Yup, you got it.

Now that you see the connection, consider this: What happens next month when the actual shows begin inside The Sphere? What happens when the U2 start? Now only will traffic increase dramatically, but any of the Las Vegas resorts not charging to park in their garage will most likely be !

How far this extends down The Strip remains to be seen. Obviously, it would seem a bit suspect for the MGM to raise their parking rates because of Sphere traffic. But when that new opens the situation will be the same. So, it looks like the days of free parking are over at Las Vegas resorts. Attribute it to progress and growth.

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