• Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

No More Free Parking at Venetian and Palazzo • This Week in Gambling

No More Free Parking at Venetian and Palazzo • This Week in Gambling

Complimentary parking was once expected for guests at resorts on the . Now, however, that's a courtesy you won't find at the and Palazzo. And many other resorts, including those managed by and , now have parking exclusively to their higher-tier loyalty members.

Certain resorts extend the privilege of free parking to their guests as part of their stay or incorporate it within a resort fee. Meanwhile, some resorts make special concessions for locals. But now, the Venetian and Palazzo are poised to implement some of the most stringent parking regulations on the Strip, scheduled to take effect on tomorrow, August 29th, for those who are not guests… then for everyone beginning September 5th.

Under the new guidelines, Venetian and Palazzo will charge $15 for up to four hours. That's followed by an hourly charge of $18 for periods up to 24 hours from Monday through Thursday. On Fridays through Sundays, the rate will jump to $23 per day. Valet parking will remain priced at $35 per day, and is starting to sound like more of a bargain.

Why would Venetian and Palazzo do this now? In a word (or two): The Las Vegas , which has become the hottest free attraction in town! The Sphere is attached to the Venetian, and perhaps they are tired of all the lookie-loos crowded around their parking garage trying to get a peek!

In any event, it seems like the days of free parking in Las Vegas are certainly drawing to an end. The folks at Venetian and Palazzo are looking to capitalize on the sudden success and interest in The Sphere. Time will tell if they made a good or not.

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