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September is Responsible Gaming Month • This Week in Gambling

September is Responsible Gaming Month • This Week in Gambling

Our friends at the Association have once again launched the Gaming for 2023. This year, they are equipped with new consumer data that shows the strength of responsible awareness. This marks the industry's 25th annual celebration of the event, with this year featuring four different weekly themes.

Those weekly themes include “Empowering Customers to Play Responsibly” in one, and “Legal & Regulated Gaming Protects Players” in the second. “Building a Responsible Gaming Culture Within” is set for the theme of week three, and wraps up with “Advancing Responsible Gaming with Research” for the final week.

As legal gaming expands, consumers continue to report high levels of responsible engagement, with 84% of past-year gamblers aware of at least one gaming resource, including 91% of sports bettors. Past-year gamblers also report high confidence in the effectiveness of gaming tools, policies and initiatives.

Players participating in Responsible Gaming Month reported several tools that were effective to encourage responsible and safe game play, including time and deposit limits, as well as limiting individual size. Employee training was also mentioned as an important factor, as well as having an industry wide code of conduct on the matter.

“Our industry's success is based on earning customer trust, providing safeguards for responsible engagement, and implementing tools that our customers engage to bet responsibly,” said AGA Vice President, Cait DeBaun. “Today's data shows our united effort to elevate responsible game play is clearly resonating with players and shaping a safer gaming landscape.”

Importantly, as legal sports grows in new and existing markets, the Responsible Gaming Month survey underscores the value of advertising in driving awareness. More than half of sports bettors report seeing an increase in safe play messaging over the past year.

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