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The Las Vegas Sphere Show Uninterrupted, Part Two • This Week in Gambling

The Las Vegas Sphere Show Uninterrupted, Part Two • This Week in Gambling

We're back with the second of our uninterrupted stream of the Sphere ! Watch our steady, tripod mounted camera as it catches the MSG Sphere in action as it goes through its displays. We've added music to the experience make viewing more fun, and we hope you enjoy the show! Be sure to watch Part One of our Las Vegas Sphere coverage as well!

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Las Vegas is a city that thrives on shattering records, boasting the tallest Ferris wheel in America and the most potent beam on the planet. Now comes the Las Vegas Sphere show. This newest addition to Sin City's skyline contributes to neon light show in a way that's never been seen before.

The mammoth sphere flipped on its exterior lights as part of a special July 4th weekend event in Sin City. Audience got a first look at the Las Vegas Sphere show of lights, with images ranging from the American flag and an giant eyeball, and from a spinning basketball to a vivid rendering of our planet. And with imagery from a Halloween-themed Jack-o-lantern to a Christmas snow globe, it's evident that this LED orb is set to take over the town (and cause a few traffic incidents along the way).

The Las Vegas Sphere show is mesmerizing, for sure. The venue is set to host a variety of live , including musical performances, cinematic showcases, and sporting events from boxing to mixed martial arts. Attendees of concerts will be treated to a unique experience, watching their favorite artists perform in front of the immersive backdrop of a 16K LED screen projects captivating, 360-degree images.

Situated a mere block east of the famed Vegas , the record-breaking MSG Sphere stands tall at 366 feet and spans an impressive 516 feet in width. Notably, in addition to being the largest sphere globally, its outer bowl is adorned with a staggering 1.2 LED lights, each akin in size to hockey pucks, giving it the ability to dazzle folks miles away with the Las Vegas Sphere show! Inside, it has a seating capacity for nearly 18,000 people, and stands as an architectural wonder. Connected to the Venetian via a pedestrian walkway, seamlessly bridging the gap between the sphere and the Strip!

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