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Upcoming Las Vegas Concerts and Residencies • This Week in Gambling

Upcoming Las Vegas Concerts and Residencies • This Week in Gambling

There are many great things about a vacation in Sin City. Gambling, food, bars, and laying beside the pool for starters. But Las Vegas are an increasing draw for many people, and keeping artists in residence has become the norm for many resorts.

Right now, Kelly Clarkson is wrapping up her residence at Planet Hollywood. And just across the at the MGM, Maroon 5 is putting the final touches on their 16- residency which began in March. Hope is that the band will return in 2024, after a brief tour in South America.

There are still many Las Vegas concerts and artists in residence, though. If you're still looking for an evening of music you could try Weekends With Adele, which is still running at Palace. Plus, Katy Perry still has her Play performances at Resorts World and Keith Urban is at Planet Hollywood. All of these shows end in November.

If you're not to Vegas until later in the year there are still amazing shows. Carrie Underwood will remain in residence at Resorts World through the end of the year. There is also the popular Usher show at Park MGM and Miranda Lambert at Planet Hollywood, both of which run through December. And Garth Brooks will be playing his Caesars Palace shows thru at least July of next year.

So that covers a lot of artists in residence now, but what about the future? Well, Gaga will kick off her residency with her own Las Vegas concerts starting August 31st. And then there is the beloved Kylie Minogue, who will begin her time in residence at the Venetian on November 3rd at the Venetian.

And let's not forget about one of the biggest shows hitting the desert this September, which will be U2 at The ! They will be playing in residence almost through the end of 2023, but what happens after they leave? Well, there were rumors that Ed Sheeran would move in to fill the void. However, there's been no confirmation of this. And as of now, Sheeran is playing Allegiant Stadium. However, if you like rumors we have a good one: The band that may take up residency at The Sphere is The Eagles. That would make sense, as the boys in that band are getting up there.

Finally, Madonna cancelled her Las Vegas concerts for January, but now there some rumors circulating that she will sign on for a five year residency. And one upcoming stint that is not a rumor is that Shania Twain will play 24 shows at Planet Hollywood, beginning in May of next year. Ready to make some travel plans?

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