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Huge Las Vegas Concerts are Coming! • This Week in Gambling

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are a great reason to visit Sin City! Or, make a a part of your next Las Vegas vacation! Either way, we have the scoop on some of the biggest artists in residence, and others who are about to take residency in Vegas!


Barry Manilow. Donny Osmond. Wayne Newton. All big celebrity names! All synonymous with Las Vegas! And all are still playing Las Vegas concerts! But what if you're headed to Sin City and you'd like to see a show that's a bit more modern or mainstream? Well first, you just missed Kelly Clarkson and Maroon 5. Both of their have now officially wrapped up. However, there are still some big names performing in Las Vegas right now, and no name is bigger than Adele. She has extended her residency at Palace with shows from now through November 4th. Also, Katy Perry continues her run down at Resorts World this October, and that residency will end in early November.

Then there's Keith Urban over at Planet Hollywood, and he'll be performing through November 18th. Meanwhile, one of the most popular entertainers anywhere: Usher. He has extended his stay at Park until December 2nd. Carrie Underwood has been at Resorts World since late June, and her Las Vegas concerts are set to run through December 16th. Plus, Bruno Mars extended his popular show as well, playing at Park MGM all the way till New Year's Eve!

But as one door closes, another door opens… so they say. And as one artist leaves Las Vegas, another moves in to take their place. In ,it was just a couple of weeks ago we told you that Lady Gaga was headed back to town. She'll be kicking off her new residency at the Park MGM on August 31st with shows running through October 5th. Luke Bryan will also be returning to the desert, playing at Resorts World from August 30th to January 6th. Then on November 3rd, Kylie Minogue will open her residency at the Venetian, with shows through May of next year. Miranda Lambert is back at Planet Hollywood on November 30th, with shows through December 16th.

Then, there's Garth Brooks! He will also return in late November, with shows at Caesar's Coliseum all the way into July of next year. Of course, we cannot do a show about big name musical artists headed to Las Vegas without mentioning what's happening at the Sphere this September. As most of you know, U2 will be the act at the Sphere, and their residency has already been extended three times… all the way into mid-December!

So now the question becomes: What happens when U2's residency is over? What artist is going to take their place? Well, word on the has it that the Eagles are set to swoop in and take roost in the Sphere! Having the Eagles play Las Vegas concerts at the Sphere would make sense. After all, them boys ain't as young as they used to be. But if you want a real juicy rumor, try this one: There's talk that Madonna is about to sign a five-year agreement for a Las Vegas residency! Which, if true, would take her right up to her 83rd birthday!

Finally this week, one residency that's not a rumor is: Shania Twain! She will play 24 Las Vegas concerts at Planet Hollywood beginning in May of next year! So the question is: Are you ready to start planning your next trip to Las Vegas?

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