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Ocean Spin Pirate’s Riches from Konami • This Week in Gambling

Ocean Spin Pirate’s Riches from Konami • This Week in Gambling

Konami has launch the Ocean Pirate's Riches slot machine, a premium linked progressive series on the Dimension 49J game cabinet. It is the second premium series released on this cabinet, which comes with a 49-inch, curved display in 4K Ultra High-Definition.

This linked progressive series utilizes synchronized animation effects across multiple game cabinets. At the top of each of the Ocean Spin game screens, animated bubbles float across every connected machine, filled with opportunities. Whenever any three or more clam symbols are collected, the Ocean Spin feature is awarded and players are invited to spin the bonus wheel.

Ocean Spin Pirate's Riches offers an exciting feature, inviting players to spin vibrant bonus prize bubbles by swiping across the expansive touchscreen display. Known as the “Ocean Spin Feature,” it comes with prize bubbles that move across the whole of games. The spinner will stop at either a credit award, free games, or an instant progressive .

Tom Jingoli, the Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer at Konami, expressed enthusiasm for Ocean Spin Pirate's Riches. He highlighted the robust performance and positive player feedback for this premium linked series, emphasizing the bonus it offers to players. Jingoli anticipates continued growth and success for this well-proven cabinet format, buoyed by the enthusiastic response from players.

When players spin the reels on the Ocean Spin Pirate's Riches, a swipe across the screen sets the prize bubbles in motion over the entire game bank. The spinner stops on a credit award, free games, or an instant progressive jackpot. Additionally, the series includes a bonus where a spin of the symbol-triggered wheel is enhanced by a distinctive credit collection mechanism. If you enjoyed our review of the Ocean Spin Pirate's Riches slot game, check out other Konami offerings like the Mystical Pearl Mermaid or the Tiki Adventure slot machine.

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